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naruto 660 manga

naruto 660

I can’t believe this. Madara’s explanation for his sloppy fighting was, well I just got sage mode from the first so I don’t have to be careful anymore? Which is the same power he absorbed and then seconds later said it wasn’t nearly as powerful as he expected. I know Kishi is hinting that Madara’s overconfidence is really his only true weakness but those lines are just pure stupidity. Am I the only one laughing my ass off over the obito “standoff”. He had the bijuus ripped out of him but stayed alive because of the mazo, was forced to use the rinne tensi which should have killed him if it wasn’t for black zetsu latching on to keep him alive. Black Zetsu says you’re already dead, and once I leave your body you will die… then the mazo gets ripped out of Obito. The only thing keeping him alive is the black zetsu, and that thing is evil and will not stay on obito out of the goodness of his heart for the rest of his life. So just cut off his head and crush the rinnegan, obito is already dead you morons! There is absolutely no moral dilemma here really, even obito tried to trick black zetsu into hastening his death to destroy the eye, take a damn hint minato/kakshi!

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