Naruto 660 | Naruto 660 Spoiler

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naruto 660 manga

naruto 660

The thing about Madara is that he isn’t a manchild with pent up angst trying to lash out on the world over some dead friend. Madara is a psychopatic manchild blood knight selfish asshole with god complex doing everything for his own sake. He doesn’t want peace like Nagato and he isn’t trying to dellude himself with a fake reality like Obito, he wants to control humanity like the god he think he is with all the power he thinks he deserves. A bittersome jerkass sore loser without deep emotional motivation who only wants to switch places with Hashirama in his dreams as the guy who everyone loves and follows after is far more dangerous than a dumb kid trying to run to Neverland and another dumb kid riding nukes for world peace. True evil has a name folk, and it is AizenMadara Uchiha. After last week’s chapter where Kishi gave the Bijju their temporary glimpse of success it was obvious that Kishi was setting them up for a major butt-slapping. The specifics of how it was done were all that was in question. As such, this chapter’s result was entirely predictable. Yawn. Chapter gets a big, fat M’EH. Dull. Pedestrian. Predictable. Just end it, Kishi. For the love of humanity and pity, just end this stupid fight. Can nobody man up, preferably Sasuke, just lop off Obito’s head and take the Rinnegan already. It’s unfathomable how big of a pussy Kakashi and Minato are. This is a war for the survival of the entire world, in which countless shinobis have already been killed. Yet, neither of them can do what is necessary and holds back so they’re precious little retard friend can live a couple minutes longer. I hope Madara wins this war. People this stupid don’t deserve to win. so Madara’s shown he has some power, but my question is why is no one doing anything? Minato and Kakashi are being useless over there keeping Zestsu in check, get that. However, where is everyone else? Are the Edo Hokages and the Kages just taking a vacation? What about the few thousand other shinobi, admittedly most of them are fodder, but there are quite a few that are pretty useful. Madara seems like a serious threat because everyone’s allowing him to be one; you’ve amassed an army, use it.

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