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bleach 563 manga

bleach 563

I have no idea of why in the world kubo would go ahead and make renji this strong. It simply does not make sense with anything else we have seen through the manga regarding captains and VCs. I can buy renji being stronger than before, I can buy him foderizing any of his fellow VCs but overall I don’t see how it makes sense for him to simply become strong enough to easily overpower a guy capable of handling 2 captains. Is there at least some sort of trick here? Renji essentially got past decades worth of training during the royal guard… More than than, renji essentially skipped centuries worth of training right now. Maybe there is a temporary aspect to the whole thing? As far as we saw the reiatsu from the food actually stuck to him however maybe after some time some of it would wear down. The training with the monk guy would certainly make him stronger in a more long term way though. I mean, he was in a place heavy in spirit particles which should be pretty similar to standing under a massive reiatsu. So naturally the only way for him to move confortably there would be for his reiatsu to become stronger.
For me the biggest question remains the clothes they are wearing though. What purpose do they fill? Is it related to renji’s newfound strength? Did rukia just use them to move kensei and rose around? How exactly are kensei and rose getting healed for that matter? Wounds from the quincy have not healed easily so far, it seems to actually infect and kill shinigami in the long run by remaining in their bodies hurting them. We saw something like that with byakuya in particular. Perhaps the vizards won’t be in such a bad situation because of their hollow powers? Hollow powers erode quincy souls away, perhaps the vizards will have a relatively easy time healing in comparison to the others because of that. What the hell is up with james? How can that critter possibly be so resilient? It only adds to the weirdness of the chapter that james was alive to power up mask…. I also wonder how exactly was it that mask got healed. Is it a particularity of his superstar ability or is it more like the power he gets from cheers powered up whatever ability it is that quincy have used to regenerate and heal so far? Anyone noticed how the pattern in mask’s mask changes? I guess that could have been a tad funnier.

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