Naruto Chapter 659 Prediction : Against a unstoppble power

naruto manga 659

naruto 659

Naruto chapter 659 prediction : Against a unstoppble power
His original right eye is back and what will happen to the tail beasts ?

( chapter start with madara staring at tail beasts with his only rinnegan )

Madara : Now where should i start ? are you ready to have fun filthy beasts .

Naruto : Damn . where did that white zetsu come from i thought i finish them all ( thinks ) he has rinnegan now
this gonna be more trouble than the fight with nagato .

Kurama : ( in naruto’s mind ) sure he ‘s much more trouble than that nagato brat naruto . he was one of the people
who controlled me stripping my free will .

Naruto : don’t worry i won’t let that happen again .

Kurama : ( thinks ) old man been with this guy really feel like been with you .

( outside naruto’s mind )

Shukaku : ( angry ) That bastard madara

Son goku : calm down my brother ! we can bring him down together .

Kurama : Yeah damn raccoon .

Shukaku : you damn fox . he controlled you like a pet .

Kurama : That makes me the one who know most about him so you have to follow my orders stupid raccoon .

Shukaku : You really get on my nerves you fox bastard .

White zetsu clone : what should i do ? madara – sama !!

Madara : you know what to do . go now .

White zetsu clone : okay madara – sama !

Naruto : guys be careful he has a rinnegan now and don’t do things way he wanted .

Madara : I won’t let them get away even the ninetails naruto .

Naruto : we will see about that . come on everyone let’s bring him down .

( naruto charges at madara with tailbeasts as madara stay there letting them to come at him )

( scene changes to minato and kakashi who’s fighting black zetsu obito )

Bzobito : ( attacking ) you guys are pathetic even you 4th hokage .

Minato : we must attack him with intent to kill kakashi .

Kakashi : but sensei obito will get hurt too .

Minato : we have no other choice fate of the shinobi world is in our hands .

Bzobito : so you gonna attack me .

Kakashi : ( looks at the ground for moment ) okay sensei ! we have no other choice .

( minato and kakashi attack from both sides )

( scene changes to naruto and tail beast vs madara )

Madara : you are too stupid to fight me head on naruto .

( lands round house kicks on shukaku , son goku and matatabi )

Shukaku : ( brush and battered ) ugh damn .

Son goku : shit .

Matatabi : ………..

( Madara use gravitational pull to push naruto and bee back then create wood dragons to restrain naruto , bee and
other tailbeasts and gaara )

Sasuke : ( running towards wood dragons in susano’o ) i won’t let you have them .

( Jumps up and cuts the wood dragons with amatharasu infused susano’o sword freeing naruto and others )

Sasuke : ( to naruto in BM ) are you okay .

Naruto : yeah i guess .

Madara : your eyes is not needed anymore . now i gonna kill you and go through with my plan .

Sasuke : hmph . you can try but i won’t let you destroy the village and world my brother protected sacrificing his life .

Madara : Your brother is surely foolish enough to sacrifice his life for something useless like that .

Sasuke : ( angrily ) Bastard !! ( another two arms manifest on sasuke’s susano’o ) you will pay for that words .

Naruto : ( shouts ) sasuke !!! i won’t let you fight him alone . itachi wanted me to protect the village and you .

Naruto : and i promise you .

Sasuke : ( remembers naruto’s promise in kage bridge fight ) Hn . let’s go then –

Gaara : Itachi !? what are you saying naruto !

( sasuke turn and stares at gaara )

Naruto : long story gaara . now we have to deal with him .

Gaara : ( thinks ) sasuke ! you were deceived too just like me .

( scene changes to Minato and kakashi )

Bzobito : is that all you got –

Minato : he is using obito just like he fought me in our last fight .

( White zetsu appear near bzobito )

White zetsu clone : Madara – sama want that other rinnegan as well .

Kakashi : ( charging ahead ) we can’t let that happen sensei .

Minato : Let’s go kakashi .

( Bzobito restrain minato and kakashi with wood branches and let white zetsu clone take out the other rinnegan )

obito : ( his left eye socket is bleeding and shouts in pain ) uwaaah .

Black zetsu : ( thinks ) he’s trying to resist control ( to obito ) no obito you want get away that easily .

( Minato break wood restraining him and kakashi using one of his chakra arm and throw a kunai at white zetsu clone
but it disappear in to the ground before he teleport there )

Minato : he escaped with the eye . we have to –

( tries to go towords white zetsu clone went bzobito get in the way )

Bzobito : i will fight you till real me have implanted the other eye .

Other rinnegan is on the way .

( Left eye will be returned to madara will naruto , sasuke and tail beasts be able to stop him )

The End

next time what is real power
Naruto 660 Prediction: what is real power

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