One Piece 732 | One Piece 732 Spoiler

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 732. But as we knew, one piece manga 732 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 732 spoiler, one piece 732 raw, one piece 732 scans, one piece 732 English chapter and Summaries.

one piece manga 732

one piece 732

The toy soldier said that they would arrive through a hidden tunnel. I doubt DoFlamingo knows about that tunnel so they will still have a surprise advantage. Especially since there target is to make sugar uncouncious. They may divide their army in two. One which will confront Lao’s group to make a diversion while the others apply the SOP strategy. As for her fruit power, it is quite clear in this chapter that the memory is also her doing. When she is KO, toys will transform back into human and people will recover their memory at the same time. Even if doflamingo does not know about the tunnel, the issue here is that he is already mobilizing his troops, he knows something is up. Even with the multiple forces moving it does seem they are positioned to respond. Even if doflamingo is caught off guard franky still has to deal with trebol which should be quite an achievement for him. I know what the chapter says, I am just making the point on whether that makes sense. Usually fruit related abilities are fairly specific as to what they do and the scope of their power. So if her ability is to turn people or things into toys, then where exactly does nation, perhaps worldwide, memory alteration fit in? There would have to be more to her ability…. Take lola, she can turn people and things into art however that does not necessarily entail having people forget or know her art for whatever reason, she just transforms people. Making people into toys and making them forget seems to be mostly unrelated powers. It is plausible that her power is something more than making toys where making people forget makes sense however the manga has not hinted at that just yet either. It seems that the memory loss is a side effect of the process of turning inro a toy.t’s not a specific power, just a side effect. Do you imagine how troublesome it is to actually erase the memory of all those that lost someone who got turned to a toy?Not to mention that even the marines have forgotten about those who participated in the tournament. The way I understand it is since they no longer have a human form, people forget them . Jola’s DF is different since even though they’re deformed, they still retain a human apperance. They didn’t get turned into a monkey or something else. What I’m concerned about is how can the toys turn back to humans. If all it takes for them to turn back is for Sugar to be unconscious, then does that mean that the toys revert to humans when she’s sleeping ?And if that’s the case, does the memory loss fade too? And when she wakes up they go back to toys again, and everyone forgets about them.What a tragedy.

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