Bleach 562 | Bleach 562 Spoiler

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bleach manga 562

bleach 562

Back in chapter 552, just nine chapters ago, before “Hollowfying” ban kai for the shinigami, Urahara said something akin to “everything composed of a Hollow is poison for a Quincy”. Never mind the fact that we have already seen a Quincy absorb a Hollow and particles of Hueco Mundo itself, but we have seen him absorb a Hollow and use him as a power supply. Now I am always ready to suspend my disbelief for Bleach, but this WTF moment is flat out stupid. If the Hollow are poison to Quincy, then how did Opie absorb the chimera? I am sorry to say that the development of Hollows being poison to Quincy is stupid, but that is the nicest word that I could use to describe it. Not only do I call “ass-pull nonsense” on Kubo here, I call him—his editors—whoever has had a hand in making that call—complete bullshitters who just don’t give two shits about the story at all. Don’t get me wrong: not everything has to make sense. But can we get something that isn’t actually retarded (and I mean that in the literal sense of the word)? Anyway, then we see Hollowfied ban kai defeat Quincy. Ok. I’ll buy it. Again, never mind Opie, but OK—this is what Kubo established. But in the last four chapters—especially the last two chapters—there are captain-level shinigami who can Hollowfy fighting Quincy. But they don’t Hollowfy. So Kubo shows us Hollowfied shinigami powers defeating the Quincy (in the current storyline!) but completely ignores the vizards! From what was already demonstrated in the series, vizard powers are greater than that of ban kai. But Shinji, Kensei, and Rojuro haven’t used the power to defeat the invaders.

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