One Piece 731 | One Piece 731 Spoiler – Strawhats’ Biggest Problem

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one piece 716 manga page 3
Right now, the Strawhats’ biggest problem is Fujitora. From what we’ve seen, he does not seem to follow the absolute justice doctrine, but he does know that he has to stick by the rules as a marine, which is why he sides with and protects Doflamingo. Doflamingo, as a Shichibukai, is technically an ally of the Marines and thus, Fujitora sides with him in this against a common enemy: the Strawhats. However, Fujitora is also aware that Doflamingo isn’t playing entirely by the rules as a Shichibukai, he just doesn’t have enough proof of it yet to act on it. In my opinion, what the Strawhats need to do is even the playing field and the way to do that is by taking away the Marines’ protection of Doflamingo. If they can give proof somehow that Doflamingo has overstepped his bounds (for example by bringing in Riku or something to testify), Fujitora has the authority to strip him of his title. If Doflamingo gets stripped of his title, Fujitora is no longer bound to ally with him. This would turn the fight from Marines and DD vs Strawhats into a three-way battle of Marines vs Doflamingo vs Strawhats. At the moment, this to me seems to be the only way the Strawhats can turn the tables enough to be able to get to Doflamingo, because it would be ridiculous for them to be able to beat both an Admiral AND a Shichibukai as powerful as Doflamingo at this point in the story. No, Fujitora will not fall here. He’ll be weight that tips the scales against Doflamingo, IMHO. From what we’ve seen of his personality, he seems like the kind of person who’d turn against Doflamingo, or at least no longer portect him, the moment he’s no longer bound by duty to do so.

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