Bleach 561 | Bleach 561 Spoiler – The Quincy’s Superstar

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 561. But as we knew, bleach manga 561 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 561 spoiler, bleach 561 raw, bleach 561 scans, bleach 561 English chapter and Summaries.
bleach 546 chapter page 9
I am not sure if his ability is necessarily called superstar.Isn’t the way in which he called himself superstar slightly different from when others have referred to their abilities? In most cases they specifically mention that it is their ability they are referring to and there usually are quotations marks. Not to mention the somewhat questionable English in some cases (“The explode” instead of “the explosion” for instance). Superstar makes sense if his ability is to draw strength from cheers but there is still some ground for there to be something else there.Anyways, I like the idea that through cheering mask is able to take actual power from others. Imagine if james turned out to be the danger here… Well, its not that huge a twist but if cheering allows mask to take that much power from the little guy then it does necessarily mean that the little guy is THAT strong himself. Which means he is also a stern riter and has his own letter and abilities. A fanboy stern riter is a weird concept Well, it makes sense mask is not someone we would have paid much attention in other circumstances. He has neither the look or feel captain level fighters usually have so him being able to do this easily caught us offguard. Seeing a character that has neither the look or feel of regular captain level fighters and on top of that has a nonsense ability makes for a reasonably interesting character even if he is meant to have only 15 minutes of fame. Still, I do wonder about james… if mask’s ability works by absorbing actual power from people cheering on him then the real threat here is the little guy rather than mask. I think Mask De Masculine is hilarious. And I like his power too. What’s so weak about these captains? Their opponents ability allows himself to be revived if someone is cheering them on and come back stronger. They got caught off guard and got hit once. So? Happens all the time in One Piece, in fact it happened this week. What a twist though, I would much rather see Kensei and Rose fight than Renji or Rukia. I’ve waited ages for them to explain Kensei’s Bankai. I expect there will be more to it though.

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