One Piece 728 | One Piece 728 Spoiler – Donflamingo’s Frameup

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 728. But as we knew, one piece manga 728 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 728 spoiler, one piece 728 raw, one piece 728 scans, one piece 728 English chapter and Summaries. There is one thing I find a bit weird about this whole thing now that I think about it. Law’s miscalculation was basically that doflamingo was a tenryubito and is perhaps related to a few current ones.
one piece 728 chapter
Now, if that is the case then how in the world did law missed that detail? Granted law couldn’t just google doflamingo but it seems like a bit of information which should have been readily available. I mean, we are talking about the name of one of the families which founded the WG, used to rule over a nation and rather recently took control over that nation yet again. The whole thing with doflamingo being related to the tenryubito and taking over his family’s former kingdom ought to have come up at some point right? Even without google they do have pretty much instant communication through the snails and supernaturally efficient newspaper…. Unless of course doflamingo made a point out of influencing that particular bit but it seems like it would be too much. Of course yonko do what they want, I am not against that particular point. My point is that they are not actually literal kings, they are not governments of the islands they “control”. They are basically a bunch of huge gangs fighting over turfs. Still, the most likely scenario is that most islands in the new world will have their own independent governments which will in turn answer to the world government and those local governments will invariably have some degree of dealings with the yonko. Which is basically what we have seen so far with fishman island and majiroa. Fishman island has a government which answers to the WG and has its agreements with BM. Majiroa is as far as we know in the same boat as fishman island except that they probably are in kaido’s turf. The only exception to what I am suggesting would be wano which apparently takes no crap whatsoever from either the yonko or the WG.

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