Naruto 655 | Naruto 655 Spoiler – The Hole He Thought He Had Filled

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 655. But as we knew, naruto manga 655 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 655 spoiler, naruto 655 raw, naruto 655 scans, naruto 655 English chapter and Summaries. Now, Kyuubi clearly said that Obito’s memories were flowing through the chakra connection between Naruto and him. This new intels kills the argument of all the people who said that Ino was the one conveying Naruto’s feeling. We know that ion wasn’t conveying Obito’s feelings and therefore, it is clear that Naruto was the one giving his thought to Ino, and Ino’s juts conveyed them to the rest.
naruto 655 chapter
The communication between Ino and Naruto showed that it is not a result of clash. Rather, Naruto’s memories were flowing through a chakra connection. In facts, if you have forgotten, Naruto and Killer Bee have been communicating this way since the very moment Naruto took Kyuubi chakra. It was no clash, but chakra communication where they enter each other’s mind just as Killer Bee entered Naruto’s consciousness to help him in the thug war. Third, you have to see how Obito asked Naruto not to come in his mind in previous chapter. Rather than reading it objectively, most fans made a joke about it. Basically, Obito did not even know that Naruto was reading his memory of Rin, and his weird dream. It was only when Naruto appeared in his mind that he noticed. In addition, if you recall one of the previous cliffhanger, Naruto said that he will tear the mask while Obito did not have any mask. This is because Obito was trying to hide part of his memory from Naruto. Chapter 653 showed that part of memory, and the title “I can see it clearly” was repeated in Naruto’s speech in chapter 654. The reason it was repeated is that Obito did not know that Naruto was seeing his real feeling and tried to look tough. Thus, unlike the two way fists and resolve interpretation during a clash, the communication between naruto and Obito was completely controlled by Naruto. The best way to express it is to say that Naruto violate and intrude Obito’s mind. This is why Obito was asking him not to come him as a sign that Obito is refusing to communicate. In fact, if you read carefully, you will see that there was very little communication. In most panel, it was Naruto talking to Obito, and triggering some memory in Obito. Then naruto observe these memory and use them against Obito himself.

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