Fairy Tail 360 | Fairy Tail 360 Spoiler – The White Inheritance

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 360. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 360 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 360 spoiler, fairy tail 360 raw, fairy tail 360 scans, fairy tail 360 English chapter and Summaries. What do I hope from this fight? I actually want to see one counselor using magic powers. What do I expect from the 4 places, FT tries to protect the council members? FT will fail to protect 3 counselors, but they’ll win in one case (maybe they’ll even be able to interrogate one Tartaros member).
fairy tail 360 chapter
FT will understand that they can’t win this war alone and will be looking for support in other guilds. What’s not too convincing at the moment? The magic counsil has perished, the whole magic world should be in uproar, but aside Fairy Tail no one seems to do anything. No guild leaders communicating, no king taking action. At least the Gods of Ishval or the Ten Saints should make a move altogether. Minerva? Really hoping for a Erza & Kagura vs Minvera rematch here. Nah, Erza doesn’t need help for that kind of fight. And a great choice to release a chapter with more pages, was a perfect round up! The matchup was kind of obvious. I don’t think Jackal should wipe the floor with Natsu. So far, all of those demons we have seen fighting had a very special power instead of being incredibly powerful in all aspects (like, for example, Purehito). Doriarte had the power of turning his enemies into children, but apart from that he was kind of weak. Tempest has those magic blocking particle and immense speed, but he seemed to be very vulnerable to people who can actually match that speed. Jackal is an all-out offensive type, it seems. While there is sill more up to his sleeve, one of his trademarks (area of effect explosions no one can escape from) are kind of countered by Natsu. I think Natsu can compete with Jackal 1on1, but might struggle because he needs to protect Lucy, Wendy and the Cat Counselor. Imho all of those Tartaros people still have a “full demon” form, which immensely increases their battle power, but are manageable in their human form as long as one can counter their powers.

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