One Piece 726 | One Piece 726 Spoiler

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 726. But as we knew, one piece manga 726 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 726 spoiler, one piece 726 raw, one piece 726 scans, one piece 726 English chapter and Summaries. Drake on the cover page is probably one of the biggest highlights this week has to offer, even more than Rebecca’s big scenes. This really confuss me now. He attacked Scotch a couple years ago yet both of them were shown relatively unharmed in their first appearance after the timeskip.
one piece 726 chapter
I can’t really give a guess to what happened between the two of them (or with Kaido), we’ll have to wait and see. Turns out Law isn’t fighting Doflamingo for his own sake? That may just be the most selfless thing we’ve seen him do so far given the lengths he took (even more than saving Luffy at Marineford). We probably won’t see him again for a while, with the fight proceeding like when Fujitora was also in it. Maybe he’ll come back? Violet seems rather suspicious with what happened in this chapter. She doesn’t seem to play the role of a double agent, but rather for a 3rd party perhaps? Immunity by the World Government is a really big deal. Bartroll’s first contact with his idols, that was fun. He’ll probably find Luffy near the end of Block D While a tad bit dissapointing, how Rebecca fought suits her previous descriptions and state very well. She was never defeated yet bullied by Spartan (probably for her nonviolent tactics). The citizens and normal gladiators aren’t her enemies with no justified reason to hate her, and so she has no reason to harm them. She’ll probably show her true power later against the named opponents like Logan (though only a tad bit), although her having CoO is one step closer to the New Nakama character Oda is building for us. Well damn, this reminds me somewhat of Punk Hazard’s trash room. I can’t say for sure what Doflamingo plans to do with those guys at the moment. Probably not turn them into toys (those guys wouldn’t obey, and a toy was already dropped down there), or maybe into convict gladiators? Aside from Boo, Ideo, and Kelly (maybe Bobby too), only 2 people were safe from this ordeal so far: Bellamy and Ricky. While Bellamy was forgiven and given one more chance by Doflamingo, I’m not sure whether Doflamingo would actually drop Bellamy in there if he chose not to forgive him. Ricky on the other hand, was lucky as he refused “medical treatment” as he didn’t want to reveal his true identity, much less in front of Rebecca. He’ll probably return and play a pivotal point concerning this. I couldn’t help but just imagine what would happen if Cavendish or Rebecca (probs Cavendish) were to be dropped in there.

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