One Piece 725 | One Piece 725 Spoiler

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 725. But as we knew, one piece manga 725 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 725 spoiler, one piece 725 raw, one piece 725 scans, one piece 725 English chapter and Summaries.It would be perfect counter to all brookers and Doflamingo going after Laws crew and Strawhats. Law might have a deal with Shanks of some sorts- protection in case things go bad. It would made sense that Law would secure his crew in that way from any harm from Brokers in New World after news from Punk Hazard spreaded through all of New World and Underworld. After Luffy beats Doflamingo and goes to Zou he will be a great pirate – just as in promise that Shanks and Luffy made to each other.
one piece 725 mnanga
Putting down Sanji, umm hello didn’t luffy get caught off guard by Caesar??? Then once he found out about his DF it was piece of cake to beat him; well, same thing with Sanji he didn’t know about DD devil fruit therefore, he seemed useless against him but once law informed them about it I can tell by sanjis expression he could of probably lasted longer plus DD is on luffys level in terms of power or maybe above who knows but. My point is Sanji isn’t strong enough to face him, hopefully he will be a monster by the end of one piece because after all he is my fav character n I hate to see him getting trashed 2 times but what can I say his opponents were incredibly strong. Now, on to law: him n DD know each other devil fruit pretty well but at the end of the day DD is stronger, but what I like about law he took jora with him just in case he needs to blackmail DD when he feels in danger. Law isn’t stupid the only reason he stayed back was to buy the SH more time, I know he threw the “revenge” statement out there but in reality we all know he would kaido to destroy him but instead he is willing to give his life just so the SH can accomplish their goal. Now, either law is going to b held hostage or luffy is going to come at the last second before he gets killed and repay him for saving his life 2 years ago. I hope Oda doesn’t troll this time and actually shows us the fight between DD and Donflamingo just to see how well Law can do against DD; I’ve been dying to see the full potential Of law DF because in my opinion his DF is atleast on my top 5. I would love for Law to have his revenge on DD and have luffy face one of kaido subordinate “jack” maybe??? Like I mentioned before someone under kaido has to show up to Dressrosa that’s way stronger than DD but is nothing more than a wish :/ we all know DD is going to take care of law without using his full potential, I say that because the way law planned this plus the speech he gave I can tell he considers DD a real big threat and there would be no possible way to take him out head on.

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