Bleach 553 | Bleach 553 Spoiler

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 553. But as we knew, bleach manga 553 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 553 spoiler, bleach 553 raw, bleach 553 scans, bleach 553 English chapter and Summaries. That Poison has spread into Cang Du and has started it’s action.Cang Du is being weakened right now which is why unable to keep up the bankai.Bankai is just the source however removing it will not remove the hollow stuff that might’ve went into Cang Du’s self.And Cang Du now needs some medical attention.
bleach 553 manga
Those pills are not a solid solution,Urahara thinks that the Quincy would avoid stealing them since they contain hollow stuff.But Quincies do seem to have means to purify. I think it’s hard to tell, at this point anyway, the details of how the hollow poison affects Cang Du. Yeah, he’s unable to maintain Bankai. Did the hollow poison transfer to him, or is it just that his body rejects Bankai because it’s poisonous and Bankai returns to it’s owner? We’ve got quite a few holes to fill here. In any case, this isn’t the end of the fight, otherwise SS’s new strategy could be throwing pills on Quincies to make them run. On a semi-related note, isn’t Aizen the one who did the most research and experiments with hollows? I can almost see him returning because of that. But SS should be pretty fucked up before anyone would ask him for help, since he’ll probably ask for freedom (or something worse) in exchange for his help. And well even if Gotei gets in an extremely situation,I doubt they’ll ask Aizen for help.He’s extremely dangerous and can potentially troll everyone,once again lol.RG might not be happy with G13 seeking Aizen for help considering that he once tried to invade Royal realm.Kubo said that Aizen does have a role to play,So he may actually be freed. Urahara talks about hollowfying the bankai,I was thinking that the bankai would attract all the hollow stuff,Which is why i said about purification of the Bankai.I did think of what you are saying.And well if this is not the case the Quincies might already developed artificial Anti bodies against hollow stuff.Perhaps Opie had them in himself since he had to work in Hueco Mundo which is Hollow land and this is why he didn’t get affected when he absorbed Ayon.The other SR didn’t get the antibodies since they were to fight Shinigami and probably didn’t see Urahara doing something like this.

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