One Piece 724 | One Piece 724 Spoiler – Kuro Ashi Vs Joker

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 724. But as we knew, one piece manga 724 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 724 spoiler, one piece 724 raw, one piece 724 scans, one piece 724 English chapter and Summaries. So zoro left sanji to save everyone. I guess that makes sense, sanji has the means to get to them and the ability to not end up in the wrong place. Zoro with kinnemon figuring out what to do seems like a bad idea.
one piece 724 spoilers
I don’t think whatever doflamingo is planning is so simple that zoro causing a mess would get in the way. I guess that zoro and kinemon will come into play once the dwarfs get to the factory. Everything is set up so that all the different plot lines spectacularly collide there after all. What I did find weird was that violet had been acting strange since the previous day. It doesn’t make sense, it means that she is still playing sanji. She is not an enemy however she definitely saw in sanji the means to and end. Perhaps doflamingo has indeed screwed over an actual lover of hers and saw the chance to take down doflamingo. She did peek into his mind so she might actually think law and the strawhats have a shot at whatever they are doing since she would have get to peeked at their strength. The bit with fujutora was interesting too. It seems like he really does control his ability through his weapon. I am thinking that his sword really was imbued with some sort of ability. Still, his ability being just gravity seems weird at this point. It does not completely account for him being able to summon a meteor at will. Doflamingo against sanji will be awesome. Well, sanji should get his ass handed to him but it does seem like doflamingo acknowledges the strength he has which is quite good considering doflamingo just might be able to fight at the admiral level. Law should hurry up and go help though, sanji won’t hold on for long. Perhaps we even get to see how sanji would compare to law. I wonder if there will be a scene where law believes he just might be able to defeat doflamingo with the help of sanji. Still, given how everything seems to be playing out I don’t think there will be a final fight with doflamingo just yet. The only way for sanji and law to make it out of this one would be doflamingo to have to leave soon enough. And the only way for that to happen would be for things to go south elsewhere. I can’t imagine the guys there escaping on their own, specially if fujitora might come to doflamingo’s aid at any point.

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