Fairy Tail 355 | Fairy Tail 355 Spoiler – Song of The Fairies

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 355. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 355 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 355 spoiler, fairy tail 355 raw, fairy tail 355 scans, fairy tail 355 English chapter and Summaries. Well, the chapter was ok. I didn’t expect we would get that much of attention to the Giants’ Village, but in the end we’ve got an introduction of a new character from Tartaros. And her ability somewhat resembles Ivan Dreyar’s ability. It’s also interesting what happens to Minerva in the end.
fairy tail 355 spoilers
Did she die or was she transformed because of Kyouka’s magic? I also don’t really understand Tartaros purposes, I mean they have a demonslayer, who says that his magic exists to fuck up demons, next member we see has some demonical magic and looks and on top of that they look indeed like grown up Gray and Mirajane, dafuq? Its pity that Natsu didn’t get any power up or knowlage from his meeting with Atlast though, cause Tartaros guild members so farm look like they are on gildarts/bluenotes power level conidering they are using other kinds of magic. And how the hell Grimoire heart was the strongest dark guild when there is a guy who can freeze the whole village of giants and an hugeass fire dragon with it? I mean he is on of 9, and I doubt that other members are far weaker than Silver. I like where this is going, looking forward for the next arc. Tartaros looks to be an interesting foe for Fairy Tail, they could be an exciting guild to see in action. I think it unlikely that we’ve seen the last of Minerva. It seems as though the members of Tartaros are possibly designed with very specific opponents amongst Fairy Tail in mind. I’m curious to see how the two guilds are going to come to action against one another. I’m also of the opinion that Ft really don’t need any of the fore mentioned charactors joining their guild as it’s not required.It’s about unity at the end of the day.Knowing that there are others around that share your collective ideals.We’ve seen an alliance formed in the past between ft and Os when they took on part of the ballam alliance and in that case acquired Wendy.I believe we’ll be seeing something like that again but without another slayer joining.

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