Bleach 552 | Bleach 552 Spoiler – The Plan That Urahara Has For The Captains

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 552. But as we knew, bleach manga 552 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 552 spoiler, bleach 552 raw, bleach 552 scans, bleach 552 English chapter and Summaries.Nanao being able to hold of the quincy was a nice development for her. Its a pity kido is not necessarily a particularly easy skill to acquire, specially for those who are not quite innately good at it. I don’t think that kido would have made that huge a difference though.
bleach 552 spoilers
At least shunsui has a bit of time until he has to fight. As for the suifen bit, I don’t think she has been defeated. Suifeng has it in her to hide her reiatsu even beyond what BG9 and other quincy are able to perceive apparently so right now conditions are ideal for her to just hide and prepare an assassination. If she is having this much trouble to begin with its unlikely she can win though. The bit with hitsugaya was not bad. Hitsugaya was not defeated by the first blow however it seems he really is in a helpless position. I wonder how exactly is it that the fire is getting past the vacuum though. It shouldn’t, it goes against what a vacuum is and how it interacts with fire. Perhaps the thing is that bazzb really does not command fire but rather actual heat. Heat should be able to travel through a vacuum. So the issue is not that bazzb has fire capable of going through a vacuum but rather that fire is merely an application of his ability to control heat. So hitsugaya really got the short end of the stick here, he fought a guy who could perfectly counter the ability he developed to fight without his bankai. I never expected the column of fire that we saw when yamamoto attack the stern riter to have been caused by bazzb. I guess it was a little weird that we had seen yamamoto’s shikai before and we never saw such a column. Things only get more interesting from this point. I honestly thought urahara wouldn’t be able to figure out the badge thing until the shinigami had actually regrouped for a counter attack. Hopefully it won’t be something absurd like they have to pierce the medal with their zampakuto or something though. I guess something like that would make the most sense. I mean, the badge appears to steal zampakuto spirits from zampakuto so such a thing would make sense. Of course that would not really prevent the bankai from being stolen again and realistically the only one that could take back bankai would be suifeng due to her speed.

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