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If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 723. But as we knew, one piece manga 723 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 723 spoiler, one piece 723 raw, one piece 723 scans, one piece 723 English chapter and Summaries. i think most probably the names of the 19 royal families are never mentioned to the people and the reason for no trace of void century clarifies that. who fought aganist who is never known if you remove 100 years of history.
one piece 723 spoilers
The names of those royal families will be forgotten by people considering they are fallen and another family took over them. even though in sabondy the CD names are known they are called saints and never ever mentioned their family name. so dofla’s donquixote family name mostly will be written only history of those country or the islands they ruled considering they erased every thing donquixote family may be not known to world as one of the tenriybuto. that explains everything he can do. mostly dofla is the one who might even started the shichibukai organisation as an ally to WG and gains some rights even being a pirate and immunity from marines as they can be answered only to WG. dofla mostly is not some disowned or illegal son and can still keep the rights. considering how CD acts they erase these kind of guys first so they can keep their secret. after death of roger the pirates increased in order not let any one to reach raftel WG might sent dofla to keep crushing the rising rookies or others who r near in getting to raftel and their may one of the yonkou who works for the WG to never let anyone reach the onepiece and keep their secret forever . always WG spourting nonsense like the balance of the three powers i still donot get how as they have to use the 2 great powers to crush only one of the yonkou whitebeard they might one yonkou work for them i thnk it’s mostly kaidou or still low probabilty of bigmom . as shanks and blackbeard never work for WG.

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