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If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 649. But as we knew, naruto manga 649 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 649 spoiler, naruto 649 raw, naruto 649 scans, naruto 649 English chapter and Summaries. Seeing the chapter I can’t help but wonder about the various stages of susanoo. Susanoo has been shown to have different stages with varying powers and techniques. Is there an order to them at all? Well, obviously there is but it kinda seems like they can be arbitrary to some extent. Originally with sasuke we saw first the rib cage, then a half full skeleton, then muscles and skin and then finally the susanoo would get clothes. However now we are seeing a fully limbed susanoo without clothes.
naruto 649 spoilers
So developing a full body is not a requirement before getting the clothes? Or is perhaps a susanoo with all the limbs is something only atainable by one with the EMS? For me it is a little weird because you seem to be able to develop a fully clothed susanoo without being able to summon a complete body first. So by now we have seen sasuke’s regular susanoo but we have not seen it fully clothed. And now we see the limbs but still not all the clothes even though the clothed susanoo was something he acquired long ago. And now it is perfectly plausible sasuke’s susanoo can undergo transformations depending on what level of curse seal he applies on susanoo. The only remarkable thing about the chapter was seeing sasuke’s susanoo advance yet another step. As of recently he got to giving his susanoo more than bones and muscles, he got to it appearing to have skin and wear clothes and right now we are seeing it with a complete body. Perhaps soon we will see the next stage of it and it will become something like the one madara used against the 5 kage and currently against hashirama. I don’t think sasuke has a totsuka sword per say though, isn’t that itachi’s thing? With what little we know I would think a sword is a generic aspect of a susanoo. Sasuke does have itachi’s eyes so perhaps he also got the totsuka sword in the deal. I wonder if a complete susanoo is the special technique which the users of the EMS are supposed to get. Looking at what the susanoo looks like I get the impression that perhaps it will also transform as the curse seal advanced. How awesome would it be if it ends up looking like a combination of susanoo and sasuke’s old curse seal? Sasuke has flesh from jugo on him, I wonder if it could help him to soon become a sage on his own…. He has had a curse seal and the right flesh, it wouldn’t be weird if he could cheat his way to sage mode even if it is a weaker version (at least IMO the curse seal is not nearly as powerful as actual sage mode although it does have the perk of working while moving). Perhaps he will develop a curse seal which will be free of orochimaru’s influence soon enough.

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One thought on “Naruto 649 | Naruto 649 Spoiler –

  1. Maybe sasuke can get a complete susanoo and then go into the curse seal’s second state… damn, that would put Madara’s susanoo to shame.. and i’m still wondering about that supposed “new” power that itachi told sasuke about when they were fighting that the EMS users are supposed to obtain. I seriously feel like they could have done a lot more with that eye, but they just skipped it and went to the rinnegan. And now that we’ve seen the Juubi’s eye, and since the rinnnegan’s power is hardly used at all, it seems that all the dojutsu (except EMS because we still don’t know about that new power that they obtain) are now irrelevant. Also… maybe Madara’s trump card is the new power obtainable only through the EMS, it seems like that is the only ocular power that is actually reserved to strictly like 2 people, unlike the rinnegan, sharingan, and MS.

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