Bleach 551 | Bleach 551 Spoiler – Flame of Despair

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 551. But as we knew, bleach manga 551 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 551 spoiler, bleach 551 raw, bleach 551 scans, bleach 551 English chapter and Summaries. Now I am curious about nak’s ability. It seems he has a tricky sort of ability going on for him which should make for an interesting fight. Nak spoke about patterns and mayuri spoke about territory. I guess nak’s ability is to combine something to create different effects so to speak. Considering the conversation its entirely plausible the entire area is already affected by his ability.
bleach 551 spoilers
He was there first after all and he knew the battle was coming, it would be stupid for him to not be ready. As for soifon, well, that was quick. She is definitely not out yet, though. Its a shame she took the attack without her shunko being activated. I guess it is completely possible she activated it in the nick of time and was able to counter. Thinking about it yoruichi had a technique where she countered her enemy’s attack with an equal amount of reiatsu. I think soifon will do the same. Now the question is just how exactly soifon plans on winning the battle here. Evidently shunko alone has not been quite enough yet and she still has to deal with a volstandig and her bankai in a worst case scenario. Perhaps she has not yet used her full power with shunko? It also seems like GB9 has the ability to create weapons with his cyborg body. I mean, he obviously was not concealing a minigun under his cloak, he made it. I am thinking “K” stands for “the knowledge”. BG9 keeps talking about data and his apparent upperhand on soifon right now is due to his data on her apparently. If BG9 is the knowledge and a cyborg quincy I think he will simply be a tool made by the actual quincy with the letter K. I think there is someone else behind all of this and he is quietly watching BG9 from the shadows. I really expect BG9 to be defeated or maimed enough for there to be a BG0 in the future. Well, not that an interesting chapter. Juhabach expecting the shinigami to develop alternate ways of combat when fighting is weird IMO. It kinda downplays the importance of the badges to some extent. Although perhaps it makes for an interesting setup for future battles. If juhabach acted the way he did it is because he expected to win against the captains with said alternatives to bankai. On the whole it means juhabach has a very clear expectation that his stern riter can defeat the captains even if they actually have bankai. Perhaps the medals being countered is a foreseen scenario in the short run too. With urahara and mayuri it makes sense.

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