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If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 353. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 353 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 353 spoiler, fairy tail 353 raw, fairy tail 353 scans, fairy tail 353 English chapter and Summaries. Props to those that said the Flame was Atlas Flame. You got it right! So, a Dragon has been revived, what will happen now? Will they go around reviving other dragons? Are they scattered around Fiore/World and in need of assistance?
fairy tail 353 spoilers
I don’t know what to expect anymore. Natsu didn’t went overboard. If you look at the middle of the Mange, Wendy said that Natsu is able to restore that puny little Flame. So he threw down a clever maneuver in using his Secret Arts to give enough power for the flame to be fully restored. I too was right, that it must have something to do with Good’ol Atlas. So far all this arc has done for the story is reintroduce characters that have spent an extremely short frame of time outside of the story and remind us that dark guilds still exist. but at least I’m sure Atlas Flame will tell us something really interesting next week. Felt kinda bad for that eyeball bird thing. I have a feeling it might have been sent by someone from a dark guild to eat Doriarte. natsu get the spotlight back, and who else thinks that atlas flame is just a spirit that wendy summon by milky way ? Erza and Minerva Y U NO fight ? 😐 mashina waste too much page for natsu’s skill but the ending was cool though, can’t wait for the next chapter, maybe atlas flame will teach natsu new ds slaying magic or he will tell natsu where is igneel. There’s also the thing with Lumen Histoire, Fairy Tail’s Light / Darkness, wich wasn’t hinted at / mentioned again since Gildart’s appointment as Guild Master. Maybe some powerful Magic Item like Eclipse, wich allows time travel? Remains of Layla Heartfilias power where you too need the 12 Zodiac Keys? The portal wich Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy came through when they were children (the thing with being over 80 Years old at Fried’s runes). Dunno.

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