Bleach 550 | Bleach 550 Spoiler – The Sternritter Start Their Counterattack!

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 550. But as we knew, bleach manga 550 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 550 spoiler, bleach 550 raw, bleach 550 scans, bleach 550 English chapter and Summaries. Saw that ending coming the second those Shinigami were cheering about winning. Well, actually I saw it coming last week. I wonder if soifon is being made after the whole “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. It fits her abilities perfectly to a great degree. Her shunko basically maximizes her speed/power combination and enhances her hand to hand combat.
bleach 550 spoilers
Her shikai and bankai are basically stings which deal death. Then again soifon has not much to do with ali and the interpretration has to be too literal. Then again it would be fun if the manga actually referenced this. Seeing the chapter I wonder if soifon actually surpassed yoruichi in terms of shunko. Last time yoruichi was seen she only used it in a very limited fashion and she did say it was tough even on her. In turn soifon seems capable of maintaining it indefinitely. Anyways, I guess the next chapter might finally give details as to how quincy can heal in the middle of a battle. Quilge did it when he healed the hole urahara made on him and bazzb necessarily has to do it considering hitsugaya almost cut him in half just now. That was cool, better than the last chapter. Nice to see Sui Feng actually backing up her trash talk, I think about the only time she’s done that was against some Fraccion. That Shunko stuff was cool, but I still wonder if her Shikai isn’t actually her best weapon? Seems it would be more effective than even her Bankai if she used it in conjunction with Shunko. Not that I have any doubt about the Captains losing this round. BG9’s a freak then, lol. Could it stand for ‘Battle Gear 9’? He/it seems to be some kind of homunculus or something like that. I’d guess it was once a normal Quincy who started replacing his own body with stuff made from reishi. *Obi Wan voice* He’s more machine than man now, his mind twisted and evil. Anyway, not sure what “K” could stand for. I guess we’ll see BG9 and Bazz-B turn the tables and then we’ll switch to someone else’s fight. I want to see what’s going down between Mayuri and Askin, and Shunsui and Haschwalth. But as I said, I predict this round will go to team Wandenreich. They can’t kill them though, you know, in plot terms. So maybe just when they’re about to Zero Division will step in.

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