Naruto 647 | Naruto 647 Spoiler – The Flower of Despair Blooms Pointing at the Moon!

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 647. But as we knew, naruto manga 647 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 647 spoiler, naruto 647 raw, naruto 647 scans, naruto 647 English chapter and Summaries. Nice, in-depth narration of the beginnings of the Naruto universe. I couldn’t help but notice some similarities to the Kamigawa block of MTG.
naruto 647 spoilers
O-Kagachi was the supreme kami, as old as the plane of Kamigawa itself, and resided in the spiritual realm. Lord Konda stole its heart/divinity to bring glory to the mortal realm. He trapped the part of O-Kagachi he stole in a stone disk (dubbed “That Which Was Taken”) and while in his possession, it gave him powers such as indestructibility and foresight. Thus began the Kami War, in which O-Kagachi and the kami waged war on the humans to reclaim “That Which Was Taken.” Anyway, back to the Naruto world. The argument as to whether the sage’s powers are actually from the Juubi relies on one’s position about a single question: Is the Juubi the God Tree? A simple, seemingly moronic question, no? But delve deeper to see the real question. Is the Juubi essentially the God Tree, albeit a little weaker, or is it different in nature because of the missing chakra? Let’s explore both theories.
1) Juubi = God Tree (just weaker, but essentially the same): The God Tree became the Juubi, but it didn’t cease to be the God Tree with that act; it simply changed forms. Consider a ridiculous scenario involving a sentient and all-powerful bowl of salt water. An insufferable chef, lacking salt for his dish, takes a few teaspoons of salt water from the bowl without saying “please.” In retaliation, the salt water freezes itself solid and flies from its bowl to whack the chef in the head to kill her. At the end, the murderous slab of ice is still salt water, albeit in another form, just with with less amount of matter, and what the chef took was essentially what was left in the bowl that froze and killed her, i.e. the sage’s inherent powers are from the Juubi. 2) Juubi =/= God Tree: Consider a sentient and all-powerful medallion made of electrum. A sorceress, wanting to make a pretty gold ring, magically takes out the gold, leaving the silver behind, again, without saying “please.” The silver left behind morphs into a dagger to stab the sorceress. At the end, the gold the sorceress took differs significantly from the silver knife that stabbed her, i.e. the sage’s inherent powers are not from the Juubi. Thus, what can be said about the sage’s powers is that they came from the God Tree. As to whether they were simply a portion of the Juubi’s powers or were actually powers that the Juubi did not possess remains to be seen. We can’t base off Obito, because he essentially has the powers of the whole God Tree at his disposal, having both a part of that which was taken (regular ninja chakra) and the Juubi.

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