Bleach 549 | Bleach 549 Spoiler – Peirce By Thin Ice!

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 549. But as we knew, bleach manga 549 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 549 spoiler, bleach 549 raw, bleach 549 scans, bleach 549 English chapter and Summaries. I expected to be annoyed that Omaeda was taking up pages, but his little segment was actually alright. Where is Sui Feng (I’ve known that was the right way to write it for a while, but I just can’t get used to it) anyway? Outside of Seireitei? It looks to me like her, Kensei, Komamura, Hisagi, and Green hair girl whose name I forget might band together under Ukitake and attack from the outside at some point. Maybe not, I dunno.
bleach 549 spoilers
It’s quite cool to see a VC actively aiding their Captain in battle like this. I like seeing Hitsugaya using tactical ways to maximise his available power instead of going Bankai right away again and doing ‘moar ice’. A bit of physics there too, lol. I don’t see any one else using a similar strategy in their own battles though. Komamura’s gone to unlock some other power, and Sui Feng, if she does join Omaeda, is better off using her Shikai anyway. Although I’d be curious to see Renji and Byakuya team up. They do make an interesting pair. Anyway, Bazz-B’s most definitely not dead here. He still has the advantage, even if he does take a blow. Even if he can’t produce even hotter flames, which I don’t see why his Vollstandig wouldn’t do, he has reishi manipulation at his disposal. It’s not over yet, and like I said last chapter, I’m predicting a victory for team Wandenreich, though they won’t curbstomp the Gotei 13 in minutes like last time. Actually though, where the hell’s Zaraki? He’s not my favourite by any means, but I do want to know what his new power will be like. Although every time he shows up he makes the enemy look like a fool, and since I’m actually interested in the Sternritter I don’t really want to see that happen yet again. But I don’t see how any of them can deal with him, even Haschwalth. The only way I see him going down is if Yhwach rolls in and stomps him flat, which I think he still could even after the boost Unohana gave him.

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