Naruto 646 | Naruto 646 Spoiler – The Infinite Tsukoyomi Start

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 646. But as we knew, naruto manga 646 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 646 spoiler, naruto 646 raw, naruto 646 scans, naruto 646 English chapter and Summaries. The notion that naruto was untalented or that he was anything but born from a physical or moral standpoint better than everyone else is a given. Naruto is the single most talented ninja the manga has ever shown, he did not even need proper hard work, he needed people to believe in him.
naruto 646 spoilers
Naruto became the single strongest ninja of his generation around 300 chapters ago and has grown several times stronger since then…. There is no way hard work alone can accomplish that because naruto does not actually have a monopoly on hard work. All the rookies worked every bit as hard as naruto yet only naruto is halfway there to godhood, the rest are pretty much still “human” in terms of power. And yet, with the single strongest and most talented ninja the manga has produced the situation is that naruto still gets into situations where he acts like an idiot? It would have made more sense if the manga retroactively wrote itself back so that past events would fit the stupid thing naruto just attempted. Anyways, its about time naruto thought of using sage and biju chakra. It is long overdue at this point and it is naturally the only logical alternative. With this his power should be very similar to that of the jubi. I guess it makes sense natural energy is easier to gather in this state. If I recall the jubi was supposed to control natural energy as a whole. In this regard the case can be made that the 9 biju were born of natural energy. They are forces of nature, by working with a biju naruto should be closer to nature IMO. Anyways, the sad thing here is that naruto should still be due a powerup into actual godhood. Right now he has chakra from the all the biju so getting at least a bit of jubi chakra should be viable. Actually I am not too sure if he has the hachibi’s chakra. Of course before this potential powerup naruto still has to get the half of the kyubi his father has. I knew it! Naruto and minato would do a extra super duper rasengan! I don’t think that this was needed. Haha. Anyways I think the stupidity was done for two reasons. To show naruto still has his innocence and for comic relief. I focused in on the fact that gathering nature chakra is much quicker and easier now for naruto. I think for a couple of reasons. One as kurama said, he was a tad bit jealous of naruto using some other form of chakra instead of his. And two I think he is getting closer to becoming rikkoudo sannin. The new thing trailing behind naruto shows that he’s slowly changing. I foresee that sasuke will finally do something useful next chapter such as slowing down the moon eye plan…. It’s his turn to shine despite my feelings on it.

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