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If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 351. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 351 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 351 spoiler, fairy tail 351 raw, fairy tail 351 scans, fairy tail 351 English chapter and Summaries. I just checked out the chapters, and you’re right. A hundred chapters ago, Zeref “awakened”, so to speak. And this chapter has tons of hints dropping on the gates of hell (supposedly Tartaros), not to mention that Doriate is a demon from the book of Zeref.
fairy tail 351 spoilers
Not sure I’m too big on the idea that Gray could summon the willpower to suddenly control ice…. Then again Fairy Tail. But it was cool to see that his Magic worked on his voice. hence why no one saw it coming. Makes sense when we saw Ezra now! Wendy was adorable with her sleeves too long. love how Flaire hardly changed (her dress nicely covering her (lol anti-fanservice)! And FATALITY!!!! Succubus Eye bird finished him ! Well it looks like it did… Was probably the most intense part of the fight. Wondering what the Gate to Hell actually is… Aside from obvious Zeref ties. Only places I can think of Fairy Tail having been responsible for awakening/severely changing was the Tower of Heaven and the Spider Mecha-City. But I doubt they factor here. Possibly activates by some manner of proximity trap. Hard to say. I don’t know. Given that last line before the dude was eaten(?) it might have been important. That opening the gate stuff sounded like it could be significant, and Mashima’s landed big events on the 50 chapters in the past. As for Gray’s win. I thought it was pretty similar to some of Natsu’s earlier matches, like when they broke the machines fighting Gajeel or Natsu started chowing down on Etherion. I preferred his more creative tricks from the previous chapter, but I suppose it was good to see Gray win from something other than the desire to protect his friends. But then again, I read the whole chapter with half my focus on the fact that Orga really wants Lector and Frosch to play with him, so I might have missed some details.

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