Bleach 548 | Bleach 548 Spoiler – The Last 9 Days of War

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 548. But as we knew, bleach manga 548 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 548 spoiler, bleach 548 raw, bleach 548 scans, bleach 548 English chapter and Summaries. I don’t think Shunsui will kill Hashwalth or Hashwalth kills Shunsui.I feel this is a bit too early for characters like Shunsui and Hashwalth to fall/die.I expect an interruption in their fight.If Hashwalth is gonna die he’s gonna die later,not now.The same goes for Shunsui.Characters like these don’t just die this early.
bleach 548 spoilers
Maybe there’s an interesting character thing going on where he’s the opposite of Yamamoto. Perhaps in the past, Yhwach truly did hate battle, and only took up the fight because he felt he had to for the greater good. f Zangetsu is anything to go by, he was a very different person back then. Zangetsu has never expressed any real enjoyment of battle like Shirosaki did, even going as far as to use his power to suppress Ichigo’s strength in an attempt to keep him away from battle. Maybe the Yhwach of 1000 years ago shared the same personality, though that may not be true, since Zangetsu isn’t literally Yhwach. But it could be. The parallel with Yama might be that whilst Yama started out as a vicious warmonger and mellowed out as he gained a peaceful world to protect, Yhwach might have started out fighting for peace, eventually becoming the warmonger we see today. His talk of peace and not liking fights might just have become hollow words he uses out of habit, but in truth he’s grown to enjoy wielding power and using it for warfare. Moreover, it might be that he’s recognised this in himself, and that’s why Haschwalth is his chosen successor. Haschwalth doesn’t seem fond of fighting himself, like when he asked Roydwach if he should spare the Shinigami who’d lost the will to fight. It could be that Yhwach sees himself as the necessary force to create a new world, and Haschwalth as the ideal man to rule over it peacfully. I also wonder about ichigo, something seems different now. He is no longer wearing the fullbring armor he still had around his next before. I guess that since he got an actual zampakuto a few things might have changed. I am not really convinced by the design of his new swords so far. last time they appeared I thought he had fused them. I think he will definitely eventually fuse them but perhaps not just now. I wonder if ichigo is still capable of bankai. I also wonder of the quincy based zampakuto will have a bankai alternative of sorts. Or perhaps since ichigo was able to manifest his quincy powers with an asauchi he will be able to use a volstandig equivalent without the tools the quincy use? It would be too hax if ichigo gets bankai and something like volstandig though, its too much power.

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