One Piece 720 | One Piece 720 Spoiler – Burgess Finally Figure It Out!

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 720. But as we knew, one piece manga 720 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 720 spoiler, one piece 720 raw, one piece 720 scans, one piece 720 English chapter and Summaries. I would think that is absolutely not what is going on in bellamy’s head. He was just ordered to kill luffy which is something he is clearly conflicted on so far. And now on top of that he learns that there are potentially at least 2 guys who are also specifically after luffy’s head. On one hand if he goes after luffy he gets in trouble with both of those guys which is a bit of an issue.
one piece 720 manga
So he potentially has to deal with luffy and those two if he wants that place in the doflamingo family so far. On the other hand if he helps out luffy and keeps his conscience clean he still has to deal with those two on top of making doflamingo, who still can presumably give him the fodder treatment, very very angry. I wonder if bellamy will end up joining the strawhats. the stage is already set for bellamy to be at least a friend of luffy’s and he has a decent bit of strength on top of being apparently a haki user. He would definitely be a good addition to the crew…. Then again it would be far more interesting to see bellamy finally going back to making it on his own out there in the world. Most of you forget that Luffy isn’t alone at the tournament, Sanji+Franky+Zoro are also there too, probably Sanji will fight that Cavendish and turns that bastard into a he-she (I could only pray to god about this), Zoro is a good test to Bartho barrier with his post-timeskip powerful sword attacks, Franky can take “almost” everyone with nukes and laser beams. I believe Burgess will fight Luffy even before the 2nd round starts, that muscle-head doesn’t respect rules at all (he did attack Ace without BB order). Hence Law has to escape DD + Fujitora somehow because I don’t think Luffy has enough strength after an unofficial match with Burgess. Good chapter, it’s always fun seeing panels of a younger Garp. There are 2 things I can see being viable for the next, or future chapters. The first being Sanji, he’ll have been watching Luffy expose his ability and may well look to get into the colosseum, as it he’ll be aware that Luffy’s enemies will be able to figure out who Lucy is now. He’s usually on the ball about this stuff.

Secondly, it’s about Burgess. For some reason, my gut is telling me he’s gonna tell every potential asswipe to stay away from Luffy so he stands a better chance of having a fight with him. Maybe to the point where he’ll be like “Look, if you get in the way, I’ll summon the rest of my crew here and you’ll all be dead.”. It won’t matter what grudge Cavendish has, he’s not a Yonko. Bartolomeo I’m not so sure about, if he wants Luffy he’s not gonna care either way, but part of me thinks he’s not looking to go after the guy. At first I thought he may have been, but the translation of the big 2 scanlators give conflicting views on this, and I was never all that convinced to begin with. His reasons for being at the tournament are not entirely clear, seeing as he has no personal need for the Mera Mera No Mi, so it’s still up in the air for me.

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