Naruto 645 | Naruto 645 Spoiler The Power of Feelings

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 645. But as we knew, naruto manga 645 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 645 spoiler, naruto 645 raw, naruto 645 scans, naruto 645 English chapter and Summaries.The full chapter just to explain the technique combo if what naruto and minato did. It was something all naruto fans knew. i didnt feel it needed to be explained. i wish it would have at least ended with some sort of counter strike. I was thinking of how naruto compares to minato. hes surpassed him in many ways and yet still has something to learn from him.
naruto 645 manga
For instance it was said that minato was able to show up at any battlefield due to the seals, however, naruto was able to be at all battlefields simultaneously. i wish naruto could perform and use seals much like his father. i mean it seems like he knows how to in his inner world with the sages jutsu that kurama said when pinned. If that shows he knows how to then why hasnt he used it in battle..? i wonder how madara will be killed since now theres no one to control the jutsu. It would have to be naruto when he becomes the next sage and cancels it out or possibly obito. If naruto becomes the next sage of six paths, i wonder if he will have mastered it much further than obito since he did it without sealing the juubi. Would that make him the true sage of six paths? granted even if he did master it he still would use a rasengan…. i doubt he’d use any of the techniques of the sage Actually, Minato hasn’t exactly done anything with the cloak mode. Besides an assumed boost in physical power/speed, he hasn’t used any jinchuuriki abilities. I don’t even think he’s used the cloak arms. He didn’t have to play tug of war with the kyuubi for its chakra (for whatever reason), so he gets the gold cloak. But if he was truly controlling it at the same level as Naruto, he would’ve already been using the V2. It’s likely the different sealing method involved that’s responsible for the difference. Dead Demon Seal was used for Yin Kurama and Eight Trigrams for Yang Kurama. We know that Eight Trigrams was built specifically to allow Naruto and Kurama’s chakras to mix, but DDS is a mystery. It’s literal magic until we know more about its actual restrictions. Also- I wonder why it can’t be used by jinchuuriki specifically. There’s nothing else described like that in the story.

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One thought on “Naruto 645 | Naruto 645 Spoiler The Power of Feelings

  1. I think both Hashirama and Madara should be gone now after the bijuu explosion on 644. If Minato’s arms weren’t able to come back after being hit by Obito, and since they werent able to teleport themselves, it is safe to assume that the two are now out of the picture.

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