One Piece 719 | One Piece 718 Spoiler – Jola Vs Nami

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 719. But as we knew, one piece manga 719 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 719 spoiler, one piece 719 raw, one piece 719 scans, one piece 719 English chapter and Summaries. I also hoped that Zoro would come to aid Law, however, he was more concerned about the ship before! Also, if he did go there, he would not only meet Fujitora but also Doflamingo. Law barely stands his ground now, I believe they are toying with him and are not fully serious though. Maybe it’s just obvious for others, no clue.
one piece 718 chapter
And if Zoro bumped into these two, he’d get trashed too. I admit that from my point of view, Zoro is a beast now, and even though he has shown almost no real feat (at least for me), he was still more epic since the time skip than Luffy, in my opinion. His opponents for this arc, or rather candidates for opponents are : Shark Cutter Bastille, Spiky Guy from Doffy’s last throne or Cavendish – in case he does not turn out to be an ally. I still have a feeling that after how Oda built Zoro to be this epic since TimeSkip, he will still breeze through this easily.. I mean, he will show us new moves, techniques and results of his training in overall, or whatsoever, but he won’t drop so much of a sweat by doing so, and that bothers me. When is he going to go all-out? I doubt this arc provides any rivals for that purpose. Unless he would really have a showdown with Fujitora and it was not only a short slash. On the other hand, the Kinemon interaction. I fear more and more the day he and the crew will depart. I dislike the idea itself, but I can imagine Luffy saying “become my nakama”. And the same goes for that Momonosucker brat. Also, is not Oda repeating himself? Not that I would find it lame but.. On the Fishman Island, Luffy freed thousands of humans taken hostages. They were like “We’re gonna tell the world that you are our saviour, Mugiwara!” – those were fodders though, also most of them have been captured/sank by Smoker the White, but some must have been able to escape – nonetheless. In this arc, Oda is making those who lose in the tournament fall hostages. It’s a bit different than in FI, but they are still in some kind of custody. And I am of the opinion that it is yet again quite obvious that Luffy’s role this time = saviour as well? Though he will save dozens of named fellas with an admirable powers regarding the New World… it’s still the same as on FI!” Only difference I can smell is that these might become his allies.. might even join task forces with their islands/countries. From that, Cavendish could turn out to an ally in case he would somehow lose in Block D’s fights and ended up being held against his will in Doffy’s family’s hands. There comes the saviour and Cavendish turns the right side of this fray.

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One thought on “One Piece 719 | One Piece 718 Spoiler – Jola Vs Nami

  1. Honestly for you to say that Zoro would get trashed by the admiral & doflimingo sounds completely absurd! Have you forgotten that Zoro took INTENSE training from the BEST swordsman in the world for two years? Zoro returned from the time skip at least capable of holding his own against mihawk. Mind you, mihawk has been said to fight equally with red haired shanks. That statement alone proves legendary strength and having arguably the most determined character in OP receive training from a legend is nothing to sleep on. Due to Zoro’s promise to never lose again, I can understand if Oda prevents a fight like that to happen at this moment but at the MOST, if Zoro were to lose it would be by the skin of the victor’s teeth.

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