Naruto 644 | Naruto 644 Spoiler – The Most Powerful Father and Son Duo Joins Forces To Attack

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 644. But as we knew, naruto manga 644 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 644 spoiler, naruto 644 raw, naruto 644 scans, naruto 644 English chapter and Summaries. There is something I am confused about. How exactly is minato an actual jinchuriki? Wasn’t it said earlier than edo tensei could not become jinchuiriki hence why madara had to be revived? I guess it could have something to do with the kyubi being taken by the shinigami to begin with.
naruto 644 chapter
Anyways, I can’t really make sense of the strategy minato and naruto are about to use. It would have made sense way earlier into the battle when they were fighting just obito and madara but current obito cannot be affected by biju chakra. So making a bigger kyubi is not really going to be all that awesome so to speak, or at least it shouldn’t be that way. So I guess next chapter will come down to the second hokage yet again implying minato is not that bright to begin with. I guess the transformation will kinda be a step further in reaching the level of the jubi though. I still think the manga will come down to naruto using sage mode and biju powers at the same time to get to the level of the jubi. I guess it won’t be long until the rest of the kyubi is transfered to naruto now. Minato already lost an arm and he could be more useful that way. I wonder if the biju can be retrieved from within the jubi somehow. It already exists without the kyubi and the hachibi so it does not really need the actual biju inside it, just their chakra. So it should be possible to bring them out. perhaps that will also be key here? If biju can willingly go inside people then it should be possible for all biju to get inside naruto and help him. In that scenario you would have 2 rikudo. Well, perhaps going that far is not necessary, sharing chakra is possible so perhaps the biju just sharing chakra can result in naruto temporarily becoming a rikudo.

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6 thoughts on “Naruto 644 | Naruto 644 Spoiler – The Most Powerful Father and Son Duo Joins Forces To Attack

  1. I don’t get why they are doing it this way either. Naruto’s Sage mode is a definite equalizer in this battle with Obito. Then they switch tactics and go into bijuu mode? Minato is looking more like Naruto than the “genius” he is supposed to be. Was it Kushina that was the genius? I get the feeling that Minato has been “dumbed” down for the sake of prolonging the battle. Not cool.

  2. That was not bad dude, but what about Madara? He hasn’t shown his trump card yet… I guess Obito will be defeated by him somehow, thus he will become the rikodou (after being resurrected). On my mind this is a far worse scenario, so naruto’s challenge will be bigger and hence there will be more fun to us 😉 Moreover, I fuckin’ don’t like obito, he must be erased from the whole manga asap!

  3. Hello, I just want to add to something.
    As a pre-requisite of being a jinjuriki of the juubi, the jinjuriki must have both power or genetics of Uchiha and Senju as per discussed that Uchiha and Senju came to be the siblings of Rikuddo. Naruto maybe have the genetics of the senju clan, since UZUMAKI and Senju clan were long time allied, since then. But how will naruto achieve the genetics of Uchihas? Maybe the next chapter will discussed the sharing of chakra from other bijuus, since naruto could communicate the other bijuu, shown from the fight “JINJURIKKI VS. JINJURIKKI” episode.which naruto was able to talk with son goku, the four tailed beast.
    Maybe in some way point, naruto could help the 7 bijus to get out from the juubi and allow their chakra to be utilized by naruto and strengthen naruto’s sage mode while using the biju mode.
    I hope I commended it right. hehe

  4. Madara said in order to become IT’S (THE JUUBI’S) JINCHURIKI specifically you need to be revived he did not say it for all jinchuriki. Read the manga carefully. Edo’s can become jinchuriki just like tobi’s six paths.

  5. i think wat u said is true but i also feel dat naruto is the next rikudo coz der was an issue where it was said dat the first rikudo sealed his own chakra into the nine tail… dat y we see that ring around naruto wen he is in nine tail mode.. the ring of sage of six path…. so chances are dat wen the two kurama is wid naruto he may become the rikudo… its just a thought though… 🙂

  6. minato’s not a junchuriki, he has half of the kyuubi’s powers inside him. When he was sealing the fox into naruto, he used the dead reaper to seal half of the fox(yang) inside him, and the rest inside naruto (ying).

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