Bleach 547 | Bleach 547 Spoiler – Shinsui’s Plan

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 547. But as we knew, bleach manga 547 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 547 spoiler, bleach 547 raw, bleach 547 scans, bleach 547 English chapter and Summaries.I think reason is much more simple, popularity contest. Just look what happened on Twitter when Byakuya “died”. I think it’s safe to say 1000 readers declared their will to murder Kubo if Byakuya doesn’t come back. Next 2000 said they’re dropping Bleach. I don’t care if Byakuya getting back to life after his Zanpakuto crumbling etc was purposeful. Byakuya has a fanshield and he can never be killed, so he needs to get proper powerup not to be a pussy. He lost to Bankai Ichigo, this is his limit.
bleach 547 chapter
He can’t compare to senior captains. I wouldn’t even dare compare him to Vaizards. One can create explosions like Soi-Fon’s bankai, second has a club that can easily handle 5 Ceros from Primera, negate it, and send Stark flying, third was off-panelled, but he fought for a while with WW who speedblitzed Ukitake and was just beat up, and can propel wind however he wants, fourth can revert your senses. Add Hollowfication, which gives huge boost and you can imagine on what level Byakuya is. Considering Byakuya’s Shikai is not even on par with SS arc Shikai Ichigo, Byakuya can’t begin to compare to those people that haven’t used their Bankais yet. Soifon is a wild card, she mainly uses Hakuda and Shunko, she is safe. Komamura went to train, Hitsugaya went to train, Byakuya HAS TO train. Otherwise he is dead meat. And Kubo knows it and has to make him strong enough to survive between those monsters. As Nodt didn’t even use his Vollstandig. There’s one possibility. Getting whole Zanpakuto reforged. Seriously, Byakuya goes Bankai too fast and too frequently. It’s not even exciting anymore to see him go Bankai. When Yamaji went Bankai everyone went crazy. They talked how it’s the end for whole SS, like SRs are doomed. When Byakuya goes Bankai it’s “Meh, ok, end this fight already”. And his fight with Tsukisihima showed, that his Bankai is slowly not enough. He has to improvise, take a risk. Just wait for Bankais of other captains. Hype willl be similar to Yamaji’s. Predicting what they’ll be able to do and stuff. Right now, excitement from Byakuya’s Bankai release is like from Ichigo’s Bankai release or any other captains Shikai release. Damn, I felt more suspense when Shinji released his Shikai.

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