One Piece 717 | One Piece 717 Spoiler – Clash of Conqueror’s Haki

If you are one piece manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for one piece 717. But as we knew, one piece manga 717 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the one piece 717 spoiler, one piece 717 raw, one piece 717 scans, one piece 717 English chapter and Summaries. I don’t think diamante would have had his surprised look if conqueror’s haki clashes were irrelevant. For whatever reason the manga right now has presented an scenario in which their conqueror’s haki is actually relevant to the manga and the fight.
one piece 717
Oda did explain a bit about haki but I think he only explained it as far as it was relevant to those particular points in the manga. So basically he gave the very loose explanation we read from rayleigh and then there is the somewhat more elaborate explanation from the sbs however that does not necessarily mean the two of them are all there is to conqueror’s haki. We have seen this particular type of haki against either weak or numerous and weak people. We have yet to see what it could do against someone strong. We have yet to see two strong people focusing their entire will onto a single enemy. We have yet to see what goes on between to people when their wills clash in such a literal way. I don’t honestly believe the conqueror’s haki in itself will be a triumph card when it comes to fighting but I do think it can have at least a somewhat measurable effect in a fight. Luffy only had trouble against hodi during the underwater fight. It was a situation in which luffy’s power was hampered and in turn hodi’s power was significantly magnified. We even saw the water affecting luffy when he was attacking the kraken earlier on in a similar situation. Basically, it took a set of overwhelmingly favorable conditions for hodi to be able to harm luffy at all. And even then luffy was probably the least qualified of the monster trio to deal with hodi altogether thanks to his fruit. I would think sanji or zoro would have had an easier victory under similar circumstances. As for the fight against ceasar, that happened because luffy was not careful in the fight, not because ceasar actually had strength to even scratch luffy. Ceasar was some dude with a difficult to fight fruit but there was no real strength behind him. Heck, in the end luffy took down ceasar’s final form rather easily with his gear 3.

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