Naruto 642 | Naruto 642 Spoiler – Kagutsuchi Flame

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 642. But as we knew, naruto manga 642 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 642 spoiler, naruto 642 raw, naruto 642 scans, naruto 642 English chapter and Summaries. Once again like I’ve said many times before, Enton is the manipulation of Amaterasu flame. That is exactly why I’m not making a distinction between the two. that is how it was introduced, that is all is. sasuke still needs a pre-existing Amaterasu source and his Mangekyo to use Enton.
naruto 642 manga
These two chapters in which you do not see Sasuke’s face but instead only the motions, or position of his arms are the driving force behind your point. You do not see him create a source, therefore you make the assumption that he can Conjure it from his hand. that’s flawed mainly due to the fact that this would be a serious change to the mechanics of the parent technique. my argument is that we simply don’t need to see him create a source. Just because you do not see him create a source does not mean that he did not do it in order to activate his Enton ability. this is what he’s had to do since Enton became a thing. It’s the only display where you can literally claim he was not looking at the flames when he created them. despite the fact that it’s as easy as him staring off to one side for a split second creating a small flame with his left eye and manipulating it into kagutsuchi. but that’s just conjecture. However, I do garner that from everything that’s been shown in regard to the mechanics of his eyes. you can’t do that with the first link you posted because we’re staring at the back of his head when the technique was conjured. Thusly, I could easily cry mistake. It’s not the improvement over his control that would be shocking it’s the simple fact that he’d be able to conjure it with his palm out of nowhere. Without even Kishimoto mentioning such a thing with exposition from Sasuke himself. We obviously have two extremely different views on this.

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