Fairy Tail 347 | Fairy Tail 347 Spoiler – A Red, Blue Hair, and a Blondie

If you are fairy tail manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for fairy tail 347. But as we knew, fairy tail manga 347 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the fairy tail 347 spoiler, fairy tail 347 raw, fairy tail 347 scans, fairy tail 347 English chapter and Summaries. Erza vs Minerva rematch, once again Erza has a handicap, but I think Minerva might win, this is early in the arc, this is when Fairy Tail normall loses though in most cases it is other members of Fairy Tail, but that is Minerva only chance the early in the arc rule. Other wise Erza is going to kick her butt.
fairy tail 347 manga
And I admit what she is doing fighting Erza in that state is very low, but Erza is acting like she hasn’t resorted to something this low, last time they fought she used a hostage, I don’t think she has sunk that much lower than before, but that is just me, whatever you say Erza. Natsu using that old cartoon trick, freakin hillarous. That guy from Sccubus Eye he kind of looks familar, he looks like that big crying guy from Phantom. That would be cool if they brought back some of the past villains like people from Phantom and Gilmore Heart. And those Tressue Hunters, they might be powerful, but they are stupid. Those cat costume, it is decided, forget the compassion to the Jiggle Butt Gang, they sunk even lower, they are Team Rocket. And I was hoping Wendy was going to kick their butt and have that moment of awesomeness. And finally like so many people predicted Flare showed up in this arc, maybe this is like Juvia in the Tower Of Heaven arc, we will see, but unlike Juvia she is not a free agent, she joined a guild, don’t tell me Sccubus Eye? I can’t make out the guild mark too much, Lucy and Wendy didn’t recognise it, though Erza is familar with Sccubus Eye, but Erza does know more about what is going on in the outside than the others, but if she is with SE, I am thinking she joined them as a double agent to help Fairy Tail. Or maybe it is a different guild entirely, maybe she is associated with the magic council, who knows all I know right now she is on FT’s side for the moment and here comes redemption

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