Naruto 641 Spoiler | Naruto 641 – Rikudo Sennin

Hot and raw! Naruto Chapter 641 spoiler is now released! Spread the good news to everyone, sit and be thrilled on Naruto Chapter 641. We get pleasure from your manga experience satisfaction, visit our website as often as you can for the most up-to-date scans. They drew Minato’s hair differently this chapter. Since he first used KCM, his hair looked identical to Naruto’s, now his hair looks like it normally does. They must of just realized that Minato’s hair shouldn’t look that similar to Naruto’s in KCM.
naruto 641 chapter
Also, why the hell couldn’t we see Minato’s Jutsu? There was really no point in even referencing the jutsu at all, if Kishi was going to completely deprive Minato of the opportunity to use it. But even so, there’s still a chance Minato will use it anyway, as now more than ever, they really need to start going all out. Speaking of which, I really don’t understand why the Ninja Alliance is dragging their feet. No one seems interested in using their strongest jutsu yet. Naruto is exhausted, so that’s understandable, but Sasuke and the Edo Hokage really need to getting the ball rolling considering how powerful their opponent is. Anyways, I’m so annoyed with how they portray Obito. Every time he does something to make himself look like a badass, he immediately diminishes it by acting like a little bitch with this Rin bullshit. Dude needs to seriously grow up and get the **** over it. Even during Kakashi Gaiden, they didn’t put a lot of emphasis on his feelings for Rin, it didn’t seem like anything more than your typical teenage crush. The fact that his memory of Rin just randomly gave him full control over the Juubi’s power is just I’m done ranting, as I could go on forever about it. Besides that, the chapter was cool. Obito acquiring speed and reactions that not even Minato could respond to or even comprehend is amazing. I did say before that I wouldn’t be impressed with Juubito’s speed until he overwhelms Minato with it. So that said, I’m hugely impressed. Seems like his staff is produced by the same Jinton-esque substance he was attacking and defending with earlier. His resemblance to the Sage of Six Paths is uncanny, he’s probably 2nd to him at this point. I shutter to think what power Obito will acquire once the Juubi reaches it’s final form.

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