Read One Piece Chapter 716 Raw – Haki Vs Haki

Any moment from now, one piece 716 spoiler and one piece manga 716 scans will came out. The C-Block combatants are deadly. I love their brutal-ness! I’m really hoping the fight ends up between Luffy and Don Chinjao. I wonder how long more Luffy can hide his identity. I doubt he’ll be able to hold back his DF powers much longer cause the other combatants are no push-overs. He’ll have to use his DF powers in order to defeat Don Chinjao for sure. I’m betting Doflamingo wants Luffy to use his DF power and reveal his identity then ALL of the combatants will go after him.
one piece 716 raw
Not even Luffy would be able to hold his own for long against all of those buff combatants, much less if the Donquioxte Family comes in. Doflamingo is probably hoping Luffy will get beaten down or at least incapacitated so that he can’t interfere with his plans. Luffy is the strongest of Doflamingo’s obstacles after all. ARGH, no new chapter next week and we still haven’t seen how Law is going to get away from Fujitora and Doflamingo. Oda sure has the worst time to take hiatus’s.Block-C sure is an explosive hala-balu and it seems the giant would have been taken out even if there was no Luffy, that Ideo is sure interesting. Those Funk bros too and Chinjao has CoC guess a pirate 500+mil should be put on list for people predicted to have it forehand. Back to Chinjao, having a guy like that have king’s disposition haki goes to support what Ray said to Luffy about people having to train their haki and it only gets stronger as the person grows stronger in will. The fact that Chinjao was defeated by Garp shows that even one with King’s disposition haki can be defeated by one who does not have it. Again showing that Luffy has to get stronger to be the strongest (or as he says, the free”est” person on the sea). He can’t rely on just having king’s disposition haki. And it shows that anyone can have it even though it is rare. Which is why someone like Law doesn’t have that haki, even though he is definitely one that is tough as a pirate and even more difficult if one was to try and take him out. Even why the admirals don’t have king’s disposition haki…so far we haven’t been shown any marine that has that type of haki.

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