Read Naruto Chapter 641 Raw – Reborn of The New Sage of the Sixth Path

Good News Naruto 641 Spoiler is out!I thought this chapter was a very good one. It seems that the Juubi tried to take control of Obito, but failed! Now the jinchuuriki looks cooler than ever. The page with him in his new form was epic. Although, I can’t help but wonder when it will be explained what Sasuke is thinking. He’s my favorite character, but his emotions are a bit confusing right now. Does he want to become Hokage? What is his plan after the war? The end scene also seems to be hinting that Naruto and Sasuke will not be saved unscratched next chapter.
naruto 641 raw
I wish it was the last day of July already! A may be a bit to late but i finally come up with a theory. In the chapter when it shows the panel of naruto picture being split and saskue says no not him i will delete the past. the past being the the vengence and hate that has always been repeated in the past. both naruto and saskue have one goal in my eyes and its not to become haokage but create the perfect village when there is no hate. naruto being on his quest for jyriaha and saskue for itchi after hearing the first’s story in the uchiha temple place. he did not want to kill naruto himself but compete with him to achieve that goal they both are too important to the story to kill off and will have a gui and kakashi rivarly in the future

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