Read Fairy Tail Chapter 346 Raw – Natsu is in Trouble

Be cheerful, the long awaiting comes to an end for the latest Fairy Tail 346 is now out. Make it a habit to visit this site for we post the most recent and up to date scans. I loved Erza nightmares of what turning into a child would mean, Wendy calling her a little sister, Natsu and Gray finlly can beat him, and Jellal saying he is not into little girls. Doranbolt you have no shame, I would have added Warren to the scene and the announcer dude from the GMG, have all the loli lovers thtere.
fairy tail 346 raw
Oh Happy, suddenly Lucy is not the most useless character on the team, she is actully holding her own so far. I wonder who’s familar voice Natsu is hearing. Ignel, Ultear’s ghost, or Cobra perhaps. So it was Sccubus Eye than can turn people into children. I don’t know if I should be embressed or consider them weak in that they can only beat people as children. SE could be Raven Tail 2.0 in which they rely more on dirty tricks than power. I am hoping Hiro doesn’t over due it on the chibiness, by the end of this arc everyone except for Wendy will be turned into children, and Fairy Tail turns into a preschool manga. I don’t think that’s it him though. At about the end of the Tower of Heaven arc we do see Igneel talking to Grandine and he isn’t frozen, nor is the volcano he’s inside. But then again that was before the seven year time skip and we don’t know how long this village has been frozen. I guess it could be him (perhaps the mountain that Erza went up is a volcano and not a mountain). It would make sense that this village hasn’t been frozen over for too long, or else why would people only just now find out about it and start to try and steal the eternal flame. Anyway, Natsu’s also a child now. I can’t wait to see what happens next and how this story progresses. I miss having three chapters a week.

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