Read Bleach Chapter 547 Raw – Ichigo’s New Powers

Bleach 547 spoilers and bleach 547 raw will be posted here under bleach manga series. So, there’s a chance, however minuscule, that Ichigo’s new powers will be too great for him to ever return to the Human World again. I guess that’s big enough news to warrant the Captain Commander to come and deliver it personally. Last week, I was wondering what reason for the separation could possibly be and now I know.
bleach 547 raw
I’m still just glad that people are actually being informed of the goings-on. Then, he produces soul tickets for each of them so that they can go visit anytime they want, which doesn’t sound like something they would ever have done in the past. Wow. They really are breaking all the rules for this guy. It’s just like Urahara (I think?) said in the last arc, that he has changed Soul Society itself. But then again why wouldn’t they make exceptions for him…Keigo brought up a valid point in his rant to Kyouraku that Ichigo’s done nothing but clean up their messes even though he technically has no obligation to do so. He also gave tickets to Ichigo’s family. My guess is that by this he means he gave them to Isshin, who will inform his daughters about the circumstances if and only if he absolutely has to. He will wait and see what happens after the war and they do a little test run of coming back to the Human World. I think Yuzu is still completely in dark about everything. Nothing much happened in Hueco Mundo, but now we know that they are saving and getting Arrancars to join their side and fight against the Vandereich (which we all already know by now includes Grimmjow). With all of the training and chaotic preparation for the war it was nice to just step back for a moment and acknowledge that although it is a time of great tumult there are still places that seem serene. It’s the calm before the storm.

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