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one piece 716 isn’t out yet, but you should be able to read one piece 716 for free online soon. Watch out for the one piece chapter 716 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming one piece 716 Spoilers. I don’t see the point in discussing about Bartolomeo exact words. Either he’s a potential ally, either he’s a foe. But we can’t know that because there is too many pieces of the puzzle who are missing at the moment. After searching in older chapters, I didn’t saw any relevant character exposed that could be him. I don’t think at all that he could be Sabo. But maybe he’s allied with him. Like Law & Luffy are at the moment. That would be very funny. If it happens, that predicts a hell of an arc.
one piece 716 spoiler
Funny thing about this arc’s development is surely the fact that we kind of know where we going, like we know where each character is heading, but we can’t be certain that they will arrive, what will they do or would discover. This is what I found exciting about this arc until now. I like to read it again so far. Even if a lot are complaining about the fodders characters, I do think that they will eventually play a role soon, in their own way. They need to be at least introduced, even weaklings, because it’s better than hundreds of gladiators we’re seing bashed one after another, without any skills or personnalities. Without those introductions, the fights wouldn’t be interesting at all. The only thing I can complain about is the rythm, maybe. But I’m pretty sure it is because of the previous health problems and breaks, which Oda isn’t responsible of. I know that when we’re gonna read the arc all over again, we will find it astonishing and in a way, much more better than FI and PH arcs for example. At least, it’s just my feelings in general.

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