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If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 641. But as we knew, naruto manga 641 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 641 spoiler, naruto 641 raw, naruto 641 scans, naruto 641 English chapter and Summaries. I am in agreement with KiSwordsman; Minato is control of what he Hiraishin’s IF and only If he knows what he is Hiraishin-ing away from/with. The sheer fact that Minato was unaware that Juubito stuck him with his orb, is why he Hiraishined with the orb in the first place. That coupled with the fact that they were fighting at a fast speed, and Minato needed to react quickly. It is as simple as that.
naruto 641 spoiler
Juubito is a completely different opponent. He is quick enough to not only react but counter even Minato’s Shunsin No Jutsu and Hiraishin. Minato is at the point where he is having trouble even reacting to Juubito’s speed. In fact he barely “escaped” after getting his arm cut off. I didn’t like the fact that this chapter didn’t show Minato’s technique. I have no idea why Kishi is mentioning the technique again and then choosing not show it. Perhaps Minato’s is able to use the kunai’s he threw to Hiraishin the group away. Or perhaps this is where Minato exits the fight. It’s unfortunate that he had to protect both Sasuke and Naruto and couldn’t fight all out against Juubito. I am sure he could have done some damage to him. I think Minato will most likely sacrifice himself by teleporting the Orb and himself to one of the kunai he threw thus saving Sasuke and Naruto but removing himself from the battle for a good portion of time and succumbing to the orb.

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