Bleach 547 | Bleach 547 Spoiler – Quincy’s Ancestor

bleach 547 isn’t out yet, but you should be able to read bleach 544 for free online soon. Watch out for the bleach chapter 547 Spoilers. I will be sharing you guys the upcoming bleach 544 Spoilers. I don’t think Byakuya sword disappeared it was hit hard enough to crumble like a physica sword would. His bankai was stolen so we don’t know all the facts behind his sword crumbling but if it was disappearing like lots of people thought wouldn’t kubo show us, but he did not so it is only the opinion or point of view of some people but he just showed the sword falling apart not completly disapearing.
bleach 547 spoilers
I am not saying it is imposible but unlikely and only my opinion or theory. Now Kubo did show Aizen sword disapearing so that is a fact only the reason behind it is still a mystery. 1. It could be that he was going to be like Ichigo and merge with his sword or zanpaktao and Kiseke seal stop it 2. or Aizen was losing all his power anyway and Kiseke seal just help it along. We don’t know for a fact until it state by kubo. My Theory which probably won’t happen but I like to share it anyway. I think Ichigo will become the heir of the King of Souls then he will kill Ywach with help from Ishida. Ishida will become the king of the quincies and stop the war with the soul reapers and peace will remain between the Soul reapers and quincies until the end of time. I think Kiseke and Mayuri will be key players through it I don’t know how but they will. Then they will find a way for the quincies to kill hollows without destroying them so balance ensues. Also I think the Arrancars will play a part in it too since we don’t know if the quincies can steal any of there abilities. Grimmjow will be the new head of the arrancars instead of halibal(mispelled).

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