Naruto 640 – Naruto 640 Manga

If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 640. But as we knew, naruto manga 640 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 640 spoiler, naruto 640 raw, naruto 640 scans, naruto 640 English chapter and Summaries. Sasuke’s goals are still unclear past this point however, if he truly does have ill intentions towards naruto then naruto already knows them. in that panel we see 2 shots of naruto one in his thought where he says sasukes name, that and naruto can sense others feelings and hatred so anything sasuke thinks he’s going to pull won’t work at least not the way he imagines it.
naruto 640
furthermore naruto is levels ahead of sasuke in every category he cannot beat naruto even if he wanted to sasuke fans will disagree im sure but the facts back up my claims, sasuke is levels below naruto. the chapter wasn’t to bad we saw some kage action which is nice looks like madara won’t allow hashirama to step in the fight with minato, minato’s new jutsu def has more to it everything we have seen from him thus far shows us that he doesn’t waste any moves. The bijuu = nuclear weaponry in that they’re 1) otherwise unmatched forces of destruction and 2) seemingly valid aspect of nature that simply can’t be wished away / destroyed / whatever. People have to learn to deal with other people, whether there are mega-weapons or not. Besides, somebody will just invent some new mega-weapon if the bijuu are gone. Bloodlines practically ensure this will happen.

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