Read One Piece 715 – One Piece Manga 715

Catch the latest one piece 715 spoilers. I just don’t see franky fighting kinemon. Kinemon is in debt to sanji, and I think he will trust sanji when sanji tells him not to worry about his friend since he will save him.
one piece manga 715
Zoro will help law in my opinion. Law wants to use all his energy to fight DD which he can’t right now since fujitora is in the way, therefore I think zoro will keep fujitora occupied so that law can fight DD. But to be honest I think luffy has to finish the tournament first before law takes on DD and defeats him. So Luffy is only allowed to use exactly one technique for a specific combination of his powers now? Oo There is no mistake there since he didn’t use a gomu-gomu-no-“anything” tech here, only one punch with G2[which is not a specific attack, but a form/modus] hardened by CoA. He didn’t throw his hand back using elasticity to gain speed for a heightened force as usual, just as he would have to, to gain enough friction[that’s where the fire comes from IMO] for Red Hawk.

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