Read Fairy Tail 344 – Fairy Tail Manga 344

Catch the latest fairy tail 344 spoilers. Just like I thought after the end of the tournament FT got several requests, that was very predictable. I hoped that there would be so much request that for which to respond to all Fairy Tail would have formed tag team, in that case I would hoped to see Lluvia and Gray works together.
fairy tail manga 344
In the truth I would be happy if Lluvia would have joined the main team permanently. Infact I really don’t like that aside from few arcs Lluvia is not in the main group, infact she participated in the tower of Paradise (before of her joining), in the fight against Luxus and the Raijin Tribe (but I don’t consider it since in that arc almost all the member of Fairy Tail got a role, even if the majority only for few pages), but then she disappeared for two arc, against OS and in the Edolas arc. I can accept against OS, since they said at the beginning that she had another mission (beside that she did not participated since there was even Lyon, and meeting him would have avoided the fact that Lyon fell in love after the time skip), but in Edolas there are not any excuse, beside that I think that would be quite funny to see how she would have reacted to the avanches of the Gray of Edolas and even to how Gray and the Lluvia of Edolas would have reacted to it.

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