Read Bleach 546 – Bleach Manga 546

Catch the latest bleach 546 spoilers. If that is true then, Kenpachi, Hitsugaya also wouldnt be ideal for Captain, Kenpachi is a madman who jumps at the enemies head on without any type of plan.
bleach manga 546
Regardless of who gets killed, and HItsugaya is a brat who worries to much similar to ichigos, but the difference is, Hitsugaya is many times older than ichigo, and still yet to mature. You cant know who will be a good captain unless you give them the chance to be, Renji is strong enough to become a captain, and ichigos has been strong enough for a while now. It will be great if Ichigo were to be the Commander of a Squad 14 called the Special Division, with Ichigo as the Commander and having rougue SS members like Rose,Urahara,Aizen,Yorouchi, Grimmjoe,Nel ETC. for the upcoming war. With Seats similar to this. Basically a Squad full with fighters of Captain Class or +.

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