Fairy Tail 344 Chapter | Fairy Tail 344 Spoiler

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fairy tail 344 chapter fairy tail 344 spoiler
I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the strongest of the Saints (just a feeling). Now then, on to the Wizard Saints themselves. I really wonder how their powers would be ranked. Judging from the second chapter, it seems that the Council still had yet to find a suitable replacement for Makarov during the 7 year timeskip. Otherwise, if Makarov’s position was filled in, then Makarov wouldn’t have been spoke of in present tense. Jura is ranked 5th over the course of the time skip. But I doubt that would be true now that Makarov’s back. I’m thinking Makarov was probably the 5th strongest before the time skip. Even though Jura has gained the rank of the 5th strongest now, I still think he pales in comparison to Makarov (and I think he would agree with that). And if Jelall’s position hasn’t been filled in as well, I’d guess he’d be the 7th of the 10 (with Jura being 6th). I think we’ll probably see the Ten Wizards gathering by the final battle, and if Jelal’s position hasn’t been filled in, he’ll probably fight along with them. Thus, having nine “official” members and one “unofficial” member.

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