Bleach 546 Chapter | Bleach 546 Spoiler

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bleach 546 chapter bleach 546 spoiler
Perhaps: Aizen and ichigo are destined for a battle part II.- the first battle was a reality check for aizen, he thought he saw the peak of power and had attained it, Ichigo showed him otherwise. I think aizen is smart enough to realize that. so he will attempt to regather his strength, and will try again. he is now immortal after all. There must have been a reason that juha bach wen to aizen asking for him to join- sounds like a free will issue to me. I think aizen wanted to sklaver the hyogoku for his own purposes and remake the world of humans and shinigami into a quincy paradise. or perhaps extend the shadow realm so that it rules over the other two. Aizen declined, or made a choice to support ichigo. hoping to get another chance at him. also during that meeting he demonstrated that his power is not totally lost, as he was able to manipulate bach in some way. I think that ichigo will need to use his quincy and hollow powers to absorb aizen and make the Hyogoku his own. It seems in the end like a simple king/horse type situation. Aizen is likely hoping that he wins the second round vs ichigo and can absorb him thereby gaining enough power to defeat bach. which means that If Ichigo defeats and absorbs aizen he will be able to also defeat bach

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