One Piece 711 Spoiler | One Piece 711 Chapter

Looking for information on one piece 711? then you’re in the right place. The details of one piece manga 711, which is updated regularly. This may be your main reference for one piece 711 raw scans is out, and we are committed to make one piece 711 English Scans available on this page.
one piece 711 spoiler - one piece 711 chapter
The ones called fairies were extremely fast and light on their feet. In a flash, without anyone seeing them, they robbed an entire bar. Then when Zoro got one, the fairy’s firs priority was ‘not to be seen’. On top of that, based on the panels, the fairies weren’t very big. Now the dwarves were also extremely fast and light on their feet, being able to strip a group of marines from nearly everything they were wearing (thus pretty much stealing). On top of that they too tried to hide themselves completely, not letting themselves be seen by human eyes and once again based on the panels they don’t seem very big. Both their descriptions are nearly identical, so that the connection is made between the two is logical. Not to mention there hasn’t been anyone for 200 years on Green Bit and assuming there are truly fairies, they should live somewhere, especially when no one sees them, but they are there. Green Bit is the perfect place. Of course it’s possible that the dwarves just used the (pre-existing) legend of the fairies to their advantage. Nonetheless these dwarves on Green Bit and the fairies Zoro was chasing are almost certainly the same.

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